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Travelogue is a simple plugin that archives media attached to email messages sent to a designated address. As a result, the plugin provides a bare bones only-the-fly mobile capture workflow.

Travelogue creates a record for emails received with media attachments metting the configuration criteria. By default the email's subject line is mapped to the record's title. Other settings allow for a mapping from the email's body text to a metadata element. Users should also set the record type, record access and status in the travelogue.conf file found at: /app/plugins/travelogue/conf/travelogue.conf.

# Turn the plugin on or off with the enabled token:

enabled = 1

# Set the particulars of the designated email address:

imap_server =

username = your_username

password = your_password

ssl = SSL

# The accepted media:

mimetypes = [image/jpeg, image/jpg, image/gif, image/png, image/tiff, video/mp4, video/quicktime, video/mpeg, audio/mpeg]

# The settings for the records created from the submissions. Status and access values correspond to the "Item value" of the target list item. It is advisable to create a new status for email-submitted records, and set the "Records by status" widget to match:

object_type = photograph

representation_type = front

default_status = 6

default_access = 1

Other mappings can be set in the plugin PHP file at /app/plugins/travelogue/traveloguePlugin.php



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