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Email a record

Pawtucket2 by default includes a tool that allows users to share a record by email. If this does not appear in your installation, make sure that enableShare is turned on for each record type defined in detail.conf.

Commenting & Tags

You can also enable enableComments to allow your users to leave comments and tags directly on your front-end records. These comments will be seen publicly by other users. It is recommended that you enable comment moderation to reduce instances of spam or inappropriate comments.

Social media

For sharing records on social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook, we recommend that you sign up for a sharing tool such as You can easily embed social media buttons on your records by using the code provided by such third party services.


The Twitter plugin is no longer supported, but information is provided below for legacy systems:

The Twitter plugin allows you to automatically tweet newly created Objects to your institution's Twitter feed. The title of the new Object will be published, as well as a shortened link to the Object record on your public-facing website. To use the Twitter plugin, you must first create a Twitter account for your institution. Once you have created your account, follow the instructions below to activate the Twitter Plugin.

  • Edit the Twitter configuration file to reflect your account settings. This file is located at app/plugins/twitter/conf in your Providence installation. There are three variables to edit in this file.
    • Enable the Twitter feature. To turn it on, set "enabled = 1"
    • Provide your Twitter account name
    • Enter the path to an Object record on your public website, less the object ID number. The easiest way to find this URL is to open an Object detail in your Pawtucket installation and copy the address from your browser's address bar. Remove the digits at the end of the URL and you're done!
  • Next, allow CollectiveAccess to access your Twitter account. Once you've saved the Twitter configuration file, a new menu item will appear under the "Manage" menu in Providence called "Twitter Integration." Select this menu item and you will be redirected to Twitter's authorization page. Enter your username and password to allow CollectiveAccess to publish to your Twitter feed.

That's it! The next time you save a new Object record, CA will automatically update your feed.



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