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[Valid for v1.7]

Installation requirements

Required Software Packages

  • Apache 2.4 or nginx.
  • PHP 5.6 or better [5.3 is last supported for CA version 1.5; PHP7 is supported from version 1.6; PHP7.1 is supported from version 1.7] (Must have required modules listed below)
  • MySQL 5.5 or better (Must have support for InnoDB engine)

Required PHP modules

  • mbstring
  • curl
  • JSON
  • mysql
  • iconv
  • zlib
  • libXML
  • DOM
  • PCRE (Perl-compatible regular expressions) with UTF-8 support (some OS' like CentOS/Red Hat enterprise ship with a PCRE that does not support UTF-8)
  • zip
  • Process Control

Most or all of these should be present in a standard PHP install on your OS.

Optional Software

Optional but recommended PHP Modules

  • gd
  • PECL IMagick [Note: if you don't have either GD or IMagick, then you won't be able to upload images unless you have ImageMagick installed and external_applications.conf set to point to the ImageMagick executables.]
  • PECL GMagick [For GraphicsMagick, if used]
  • mcrypt
  • redis

Optional Supporting Software



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