Release Notes for Providence 1.4

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New features

  1. Support for additional media files formats
    1. DICOM images
    2. STL and PLY 3-D models
  2. PDF viewer
    1. Revised PDF viewing options to include PDFJS in-browser viewer
    2. Added in document search for PDF documents in JPEG-based NYTimes via PDFMiner support
  3. In-results editing of search/browse results using "editable" mode spreadsheet-like interface
  4. Data import and export frameworks
    1. Readers for FilemakerPro DSO XML, FilemakerPro ResultXML, InMagick XML, TEI, MARC, Excel
  5. Media
    1. New UI for annotating time-based media (audio and video)
    2. UI for annotating images
  6. Interstitial data - add cataloguing to relationships
  7. Media replication framework and plugins for YouTube and Vimeo




  1. User interface design updates
  2. Expanded data templating system
  3. Support for subtitle display on video
  4. Reports
    1. Ability to export search and browse results as Excel-format files, including images
    2. System for creating customizable printable reports
    3. System for adding aggregate statistics (sum, average, min/max) to reports on a per-column and per-page basis
  5. System for automatic conversion of currency values from entered currency to preferred currency using daily rates from the European Central Bank
  6. Search
    1. Can now search for blank values
    2. Default SQLSearch engine now supports real phrase searches
  7. Date parsing
    1. Additional date formats
  8. Visualizations
    1. Added TimelineJS-based timeline visualization
    2. Improved performance
  9. Media
    1. Revised object representation bundle




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