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Ranking, Tagging and Commenting

Pawtucket2 supports object level ranking, tagging and commenting by registered site users. Users must register and log in before they can contribute. To support user logins make sure "dont_allow_registration_and_login" is set to 0 in your app/conf/app.conf file. (See User generated content in the discussion of application configuration in Basic application configuration.) When enabled, there are login/register links at the upper right of the window and under media on object detail pages. When logged in, users are able to submit their rank, tags and comments through a form in the right hand column of the object detail page.

Tags and comments must be approved before they will publicly appear in Pawtucket2. You can manage tags and comments in CA's Manage > User Generated Content interface.

These object ranks supply the content for the User Favorites lists on the home page and Favorites section.

My Collections

In addition to ranking, tagging and commenting, registered users can also create collections of objects. When logged in, users can add objects to their collections by clicking the "Add to collection" link beneath images on the object detail page. They can then edit their collection, create new collections and organize the images in their collections by clicking the My Collections link at the top right of the page (this link only appears when users are logged in). Users can share links to slideshows of their collection images if their collection's Display option is set to public.



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