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CollectiveAccess version 1.5 supports optional "flags" or alerts based on record metadata in the inspector window (the box in the record's upper left hand corner).

Let's say you have a yes/no checkbox field called "Is Confidential" and you want a visual indication to alert cataloguers when "yes" in checked. All you need to do is set a directive in /app/conf/app.conf.

The configuration follows the following syntax:


The directive should be set to an associative array were each key is an expression and each value is the content to print if the expression is true. For example:

"(^ca_objects.legalRestriction = \"yes\")" = <strong>Legal Restriction</strong><br/>

Note: the expression must be put in quotes. Any sort of expression will work including regular expressions. For example:

ca_objects_inspector_display_flags = {
 	"(^ =~ /place/)" = <strong>Has the word place in the title!</strong>

The default delimiter between flags is set to a semi-colon ";". If you would like to configure how multiple flags appear in the inspector panel, use this setting in app.conf:

ca_objects_inspector_display_flags_delimiter = <br/>

In this case, the delimiter is set to a line break so that the flags appear stacked on top of each other. The "
" can be replaced with any arbitrary string.



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