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List of XMP fields supported for extraction and embedding by CollectiveAccess (as of version 1.2). The CA field name should be used prefixed with "XMP:" (ex. XML:Title) when referencing an XMP field. The XML tag is provided only to establish equivalence when developing metadata crosswalks.

Field name (for use with CA) XMP tag Description
Format dc:format Mimetype of file
DateCreated photoshop:DateCreated Creation date
RightsURL xmpRights:WebStatement Copyright Information URL
Title dc:title Document title
Description dc:description Description of document
Rights dc:rights Copyright notice
CopyrightStatus xmpRights:Marked Is document under copyright?
Subjects dc:subject Keywords
CreatorAddress dc:creator Address of creator
CreatorCity Iptc4xmpCore:CiAdrCity City of creator
CreatorStateRegion Iptc4xmpCore:CiAdrRegion State/region of creator
CreatorPostalCode Iptc4xmpCore:CiAdrPcode Postal code of creator
CreatorCountry Iptc4xmpCore:CiAdrCtry Country of creator
CreatorPhone Iptc4xmpCore:CiTelWork Telephone number of creator
CreatorEmail Iptc4xmpCore:CiEmailWork Email address of creator
CreatorWebsite Iptc4xmpCore:CiUrlWork Web site of creator

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