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This page contains instructions on how to customize your installation of Pawtucket, the public-access front end for CollectiveAccess. Click here for installation instructions.

You can make many customizations and modifications to the base installation of Pawtucket by modifying the configuration files (in app/conf and your theme's conf directory) and the files within the themes directory. The themes directory houses the stylesheets, graphics and views used to generate the site as well as a set of configuration files that override those in app.conf. The more advanced user looking to change the core functionality of Pawtucket will need to access the controller files in app/controllers/. The controllers, which extend upon functionality in the underlying library, package and pass variables to their corresponding views.

Visit the following pages for instructions on customizing Pawtucket to meet your needs:

  • Basic application configuration - Any customization process should begin with modifying the application configuration defined in app/conf/app.conf. This page explains what settings you should consider changing to quickly establish the overall functionality of your site.
  • Styling Pawtucket - Using themes - In addition to an overview of how themes are used by Pawtucket, this page contains a description of each view in Pawtucket's default theme.
  • Making static pages - This page contains instructions on how to add additional pages of static HTML content to your Pawtucket site.
  • Plugins - An overview of how plugins are used to create the Gallery section in Pawtucket. For more information on creating plugins for Pawtucket, see Pawtucket plugins.



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