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[Valid for v1.3]

Besides "Basic Info," nearly every CollectiveAccess configuration will include screens titled "Summary," "Log," and "Media" at the object-level. Other screens are usually customized based on needs specific to a project. Although each type of record has fields and screens particular to its function, "Summary" and "Log" are screens common to all configurations that are useful when tracking and organizing your cataloging process. The media screen, of course, is where your representative media will uploaded to a record.


The summary screen allows you to view, export, and print individual records, and is configurable by setting the summary's display.

Summary types can be chosen from the “Display” drop-down menu in the upper right of the screen. A PDF version of the report can be generated by clicking the white page icon to the right of the drop-down.

Summary Screen/Display Drop-Down



The Log screen tracks changes that have been made to a record—what, when, and by whom. This allows you to keep tabs on changes to your records.


This tab allows you to focus on the media portion of your record: you can add representations and designate access on this page. Media files may be from anywhere on your computer and in almost any file type. For acceptable media formats, please visit Supported Media File Formats.

To attach a media file, click the “choose file” button and navigate to the location of the file on your computer, and then press “open”. A series of drop-down menus allow you to choose the view of the media (back or front), whether the file will be viewable on the public website and whether or not you would like the file to be the primary representation of the object. If you would like to upload more files, click the “add representation” button and repeat. When you are done adding files, click the save button.

Media Screen


The database system will resize photos for you at various sizes; for this reason it is best to use the highest quality photos that you have on hand. After you have added media to the Object record, it will appear on the media page as well as in the Inspector window in the upper left of the page. Clicking on an image in either place will launch the Media Viewer, which allows you to pan, zoom, and cycle through images and download them at various sizes. The media viewer can be closed by pressing the “x” button in the upper-right hand corner of the Viewer or by hitting the escape key.

Media Viewer

Media viewer.png



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