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[Available for v1.4]

The Annotation Editor allows users to create and annotate clips for audio and video. To open the Annotation Editor, click on the "Annotations" icon in the media representations bundle of the media you wish to annotate.

Annotation Icon.png

Creating Annotations

Use the options below to create clips, by setting "Start" and End" points for each annotation. Supply metadata for each annotation and then Save. Saved annotations will appear horizontally at the top of the editor in the carousel. From there they can be opened for further editing, or deleted.

Option Description
New Clip Sets the start time code at the current playback time of the audio or video. It also sets the end time to 10 seconds later, which can be changed with the "End" option. "New Clip" also enables the "Start" and "End" options to begin creating further annotations.
Start This sets the "in" point (or beginning) of a new clip. Click as video or audio is playing, or set the media player's horizontal scroll bar manually.
End This sets the "out" point (or ending) of a new clip. Click as video or audio is playing, or set the media player's horizontal scroll bar manually. Once the clip is created, you may annotate by supplying metadata for the clip and Saving.
Set end & Save For "rapid" annotating. This will set the "out" point, automatically save an annotation, and then set an "in" point at the previous "out", to begin a new clip. This allows you to rapidly create clips as media is being played, for later annotating. Once clips are created, you can open them for editing from the carousel at the top of the editor.

Annotation Editor

Like all editors in CollectiveAccess, the annotation form can be customized with any metadata elements or relationship bundles (to entities, places, etc.) The default configuration includes Title and Annotation Properties (Start and End time codes). To customize the form, go to Manage-Administration-User Interfaces and open the "representation annotations" editor. Follow the link for more information on UI customization.

Annotation Editor.png

Clip Carousel


The image above is the clip carousel. Each feature of the carousel is explained in the table below.

Feature Icon Description
Sync Clock Clock.png The clock icon, or "sync" button, scrolls the clip carousel to show the currently playing clip. This is useful when the number of clips exceeds the width of your browser window.
Title Title.png Clicking on a clip title from the carousel will move video/audio playback to the start of that clip.
Edit Edit.png The edit icon opens the annotation for further editing.
Quick Delete X.png The "x" button deletes a clip without confirmation. (i.e. "quick" delete)
Current Clip Border.png The currently playing clip will have a red border.



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