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  • To upload media, navigate to the user interface screen that includes the ca_object_representations bundle and select Choose File. Find the file on your computer or server.
    • Set the fields for that media asset
      • Access determines if the media is viewable on the front-end
      • Is primary determines which image is shown first on the object detail page, in the event that there are 2 or more media files
      • Type is used for media with a front/back (i.e. scanned postcard)
      • Status allows you to mark a record’s cataloging status

  • To add a visual media representation to a non-visual media asset (i.e. an audio file)
    • Upload the file through Choose File
    • Once the media is uploaded click the edit button to add annotations, etc.

Uploaded media.png

  • In the media representation bundle, select "Add Representation" to add an image to accompany your audio file, and then select "Make primary" once the image is uploaded. This will make the image the public face of the Object Representations in this record.
Make primary.png

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