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[Updated for version 1.7]

You can upgrade an existing installation of Providence by following these steps:

  1. Backup your installation. Before attempting to upgrade be sure to completely backup your complete installation, including media. See Backing up a CollectiveAccess Installation for instructions.
  2. Read the release notes for the version you moving to. The notes describe what's new as well as any pre- and post-upgrade actions you will be required to take.
  3. Move your existing installation. Move the files in your existing installation to another location on your server, or copy them to your local computer.
  4. Download Providence and copy into the installation directory. Download the latest CollectiveAccess Providence code from http://www.collectiveaccess.org/download and unarchive the files into the (now) empty directory where your existing installation used to be located.
  5. Copy the media/ directory from your (now moved) old installation to the updated installation.
  6. Re-create your setup.php file using the new setup.php-dist template in v1.5. You can use your 1.4 setup.php file with 1.5 if you wish, but recreating is advised for 1.4 and strongly advised for all earlier versions.
  7. Copy all local configuration files to the new installation. Copy all location configuration from app/conf/local in your old installation to the same directory in your new installation. If you have made any changes to the distribution configuration files in app/conf (which is not recommended) now is the time to copy them to local configuration files in app/conf/local
  8. Upgrade the database. You can now update your CollectiveAccess database by navigating your web browser to the login screen of your installation. Rather than a login prompt you will see a screen resembling the one below. Click on the Click here link to begin the database update. If there is no link displayed then make sure that the __CA_ALLOW_AUTOMATIC_UPDATE_OF_DATABASE__ option in setup.php is set to true and reload the page in your browser.

Out of date.png

Once the update is complete you will receive a message informing you of what changes were applied, any errors that occurred, and what post-update tasks must be performed . Unless you are directed to perform a post-update task the upgrade is now done and your system ready for use!

If you run into problems in the course of your update help is available on the support forum



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