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Using the existing installer, it is now possible to update a "live" Providence configuration with additions or changes to the profile configuration using a "mini" profile. In previous versions of the software, if you reinstalled a profile, the instance of Providence would be entirely overwritten with the new profile. As of version 1.5, however, you may simply update an existing configuration with a partial, or "mini" profile, incorporating the needed additions.

Currently, this function is only accessible via the command line, in CaUtils.

update-installation-profile - Updates the installation profile to match a supplied profile name. This function only creates new values and is useful if you want to append changes from one profile onto another. Your new profile must exist in a directory that contains the profile.xsd schema and must validate against that schema in order for the update to apply successfully. The directory must also contain base.xml, or whichever base profile you are using.

Options for update-installation-profile

Command Description
--profile-name (-n) Name of the profile to install (filename in profiles directory, minus the .xml extension).
--profile-directory (-p) Directory to get profile. This directory must contain the profile.xsd schema so that the installer can validate the installation profile.
--debug (-d) Debug flag for installer.
--quiet (-q) Suppress progress messages.
--skip-roles (-s) Skip Roles. Default is false, but if you have many roles and access control enabled then install may take some time.

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