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Hopefully by now you’ve decided to use CollectiveAccess to begin your archive project. This guide should help answer a majority of issues that come up for first time users. However, in the life span of every project problems arise and you need to know where to seek out solutions.


A great place to begin when you’re looking for assistance with your CollectiveAccess project is the support forum. Members on the forum include both active users and developers. If it seems that your problem may be a common one, it’s a good idea to search the forum for previously resolved strings exploring different issues. If your question is more general you may want to consider searching for instructions on the wiki.


The Wiki is a generally up-to-date resource that provides much in depth explanation about both the technical and non-technical concepts behind the software. The wiki is a great resource for any user who is beginning to set up a new system, because it presents the coding and functional parameters, syntax, and organization of many of the files you’ll be working with. It also serves as a good introduction to the back-end user interface, which you’ll be using once your set-up is complete.

Issue Tracker

CollectiveAccess uses JIRA to track issues and software bugs. Each component of the software―Providence, Pawtucket, Tiverton and Woonsocket―are treated as a separate projects.


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