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In version 1.7.6 and later the rich text editor, also known as the WYSIWYG editor, includes additional features. The features are slightly different for regular CollectiveAccess catalog records vs Pawtucket "site text" pages (Manage > Pawtucket within Providence).

The toolbar of the rich text editor can be customized using the wysiwyg_editor_toolbar directive in /conf/app.conf

Rich Text on CollectiveAccess catalog records


The chain icon (RichText chain.png) can be used to link to any CollectiveAccess record within the text of the bundle. Simply click the icon, chose the table you wish to target with your search, and begin to type the name of the record you'd like to link to. Results will appear in a drop down below the Find entry. Use the Link Text entry to control how the reference appears in your text.


Using Rich Text for Pawtucket Content Management

One additional feature is offered for rich text bundles used on Pawtucket "Site content" editors, accessed in Providence via Manage > Pawtucket.

The image icon (PageContent Image.png) in these RTE can be used to include images inline with site page text.


First, upload an image using the special "Page Media" bundle. Here you can also add a title and caption, which can be easily pulled into the site text if desired.


Once the image has been uploaded, you can then select it for placement within the rich text editor.


This dialog includes several options for image size. Check "Include text" to display image title and caption as well. After pressing "ok" your image will be placed with the markup required for display.

MarkUp RTE.png

To see how the image will look on your page click the "Preview" screen to the left of the site page editor.


You can also link to CollectiveAccess records using the chain icon, as described above.


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