Release Notes for Providence 1.6

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Release date: January 29, 2016

Version 1.6 includes many changes including completely rebuilt support for ElasticSearch, a brand new display template parser (faster! better!), lots of bug fixes and many new features.

Location tracking

Workflow options for museum- and archival- location tracking have been expanded and refined. You can read all about it on the wiki.

Display templates

Display templates, the backbone of reporting and data presentation, have been totally overhauled. There are a number of new formatting options and tools, and the existing suite of tools is now faster and more reliable. Read about the changes on the wiki.


Support for ElasticSearch has been completely revised and is compatible with (and now requires) ES 2.0. Support for SOLR has been discontinued.


The parser for logical expressions, used to implement conditional displays and reactive data import mappings, has been completely rewritten with expanded functionality and improved reliability.

Media handling

Support for presentation of 3d models in STL and PLY formats has been greatly improved. New features include:

  1. support for binary STL files
  2. new model viewer interface based upon three.js
  3. optional support for OpenCTM compression (, which greatly improves load and display performance of large and extremely large (>500meg) models.

Annotations of QuickTime files with burnt-in timecode are now supported when [1] is present and configured. At upload time CollectiveAccess will use MediaInfo to extract the timecode offset and adjust the annotation timecode accordingly.



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