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[Released: February 20 2013]

New Features

  1. Mapping
    1. Support for drawing areas on maps in web browser UI via new OpenLayers mapping plugin
    2. Support for alternative map tiles via OpenLayers
  2. Image processing
    1. New GraphicsMagick-based image processing plugins: GraphicsMagick (command-line) and GMagick (PECL plugin); greatly improved real-world image processing performance
    2. New tools for rotating images from within CA
    3. Default icons now use references to standard graphics; easier to replace and customize
  3. Search
    1. New ElasticSearch plugin allows CA to take advantage of high performance easy-to-deploy search engine
    2. Additional tools now provided to create sets from search and browse results
  4. Access control
    1. Item-level access control lists are now supported; any record can now be restricted to specific users or groups
    2. Object records may inherit item-level access control from related collections
  5. Editing
    1. New batch editor allows changes to be applied to sets of records
    2. Quick-add functionality allows related records to be created without leaving the currently edited record Eg. new entity records can now be created and related to an object while editing the object
    3. Record types may now be changed after the record is initially created
    4. Intra-form field navigation implemented using CTRL-F keyboard shortcut
  6. New batch media importer provides means to ingest quantities of media, creating new records as needed
  7. New library circulation-style "check in/out" tools and management interface
  8. Improved media viewer with edge-to-edge viewing and integration with rotation tool
  9. Implemented expanded display formatting for displays

Bug fixes

  1. LolKatz dashboard widget updated to handle new feed format
  2. Numeric user interface and search indexing issues addressed
  3. Removed various strict warnings


  1. Significantly improved search/browse performance, especially for large result sets
  2. Improved image processing performance for all processing plugins (real world improvements of 5x - 10x for large images when combined with new GraphicsMagick gmagick plugin
  3. SOLR search plugin reimplemented; now fully supported
  4. Replaced scattered collection of administrative support scripts with centralized caUtils utility in support/bin
  5. Streamlined installation process with improved detection of missing dependencies and simplified setup.php template

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