Release Notes for Providence 1.3

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[Planned release date: October 31 2012]

New Features

  1. Mapping
    1. Support for drawing areas on maps in web browser UI via new OpenLayers mapping plugin
    2. Support for alternative map tiles via OpenLayers
  2. Image processing
    1. New GraphicsMagick-based image processing plugins: GraphicsMagick (command-line) and GMagick (PECL plugin); greatly improved real-world image processing performance
    2. New tools for rotating images from within CA
  3. Search
    1. New ElasticSearch plugin allows CA to take advantage of high performance easy-to-deploy search engine
  4. Access control
    1. Item-level access control lists are now supported; any record can now be restricted to specific users or groups

Bug fixes

  1. LolKatz dashboard widget updated to handle new feed format.


  1. Significantly improved search/browse performance, especially for large result sets
  2. Improved image processing performance for all processing plugins (real world improvements of 5x - 10x for large images when combined with new GraphicsMagick gmagick plugin
  3. SOLR search plugin reimplemented; now fully supported

Aspirational list of things possibly targeted for 1.3 (in order of importance)

  1. Expand type restrictions and group restrictions to additional interface elements
  2. Reimplementation of relationship bundles
    1. Batch linking
    2. In-line add of new related records
    3. Bundle-able relationships (eg. expanded metadata attached to relationship)
  3. Batch cataloguing tools
  4. Improved system for custom terminology
  5. Ability to restrict search and browse on authorities to specified relationship types
  6. Support for drawing areas on maps in web browser UI
  7. Poly-hierarchies
  8. Reintroduce AMPAS Fedora/IRODs code to support repository integration

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