Release Notes for Providence 1.2

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[Released on June 9 2012]

New Features

  1. Import of metadata embedded in media into CA fields via configurable mappings
  2. LDAP authentication now supported
  3. Completely reimplemented document viewer interface for better performance and improved user interface.
  4. Completely reimplemented pan-and-zoom image viewer for better performance, HTML5 compatibility (no more reliance on Flash) and improved user interface.
  5. Access control
    1. Support for bundle (aka. field) level access control: you can now restrict edit and read-access to specific metadata elements to specific users or groups of users.
    2. Support for type level access control: you can now restrict edit and read-access for specific types of items to specific users or groups of users
  6. Client interaction/e-commerce management tools (beta)
  7. Can now restrict user interfaces to specific types of items, specific users and more easily change user interface used for editing of items on-the-fly.
  8. Support for export of current configuration as a reusable installation profile.
  9. Support for recognition of faces in images when cropping (requires OpenCV + the php-face-detect extension)
  10. Microsoft PowerPoint .pptx and Excel .xlsx file formats are now supported; previews from these files can be generated if LibreOffice is installed.

Bug fixes

  1. Browse engine now supports full browsing of currency fields. Previously it would only browse the type of currency, but not quantities.


  1. Media-embedded metadata processing
    1. Mac OS-specific CoreImage media processing can now extract media metadata
    2. All image plugins now return EXIF and XMP metadata in the same format. EXIF extraction now requires the PHP EXIF extension (which is very common). XMP metadata extraction is done through a bundled PHP library.
  2. Microsoft Word plugin can now use LibreOffice to generate PDF and thumbnail versions of uploads .doc and .docx files for in-browser preview. LibreOffice is also used to extract text for indexing from Word documents. AbiWord is still supported for text extraction as well.

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