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[Release date: December 13, 2011]


Version 1.1 adds a number of new features, including a completely revamped search engine, improved handling of record hierarchies, a "book viewer" interface for long-form documents, new printing options and OAI-PMH support, and many bug fixes. Own D Web


To upgrade an existing 0.6 or 1.0 installation, follow the Updgrading (Providence) instructions. After the upgrade is complete you must reload sort values and rebuild search indices using the utilities within the Maintenance area in the Administrate section under the Manage menu (as shown below).

File:Maint area.png

New Features in version 1.1

  1. Entity records can now form self-contained hierarchies in the same manner as objects, occurrences and collections.
  2. New zero-configuration search engine option: "SqlSearch" engine provides improved performance, better results (in some bases) and greater scalability than the previously-standard MySQL fulltext-based engine. (The MySQL fulltext engine is still supported if you don't want to change)
  3. Now possible to restrict creation of record hierarchies to conform to the type hierarchy.
  4. Long form documents, whether structured as self-contained PDFs, object records with many attached representations or hierarchies of objects, can now be visualized as "books" using an integrated browser-based book viewer
  5. Search and browse results may now be exported as printable PDFs with custom headers
  6. Now possible to selectively update media derivatives using a file or via page or frame extraction from a PDF or video respectively
  7. Configurable import/export (beta)
    1. Web-based UI for creating mappings between your CA data schema and target formats
    2. Export supported for EAD, PBCore, OAI_DC, NewsML and Tab-delimited formats
  8. It is now possible at the time of deletion to transfer all relationships to a deleted record to another record.
  9. An OAI-PMH compliant data provider is now integrated into the services layer. You can configure any number of distinct "provider instances", each serving different sets (and/or types) of records.
  10. Search and display of created-on and modified-on date/times now supported.
  11. Relationship display revised to be more space-efficient and less processor intensive. Also now supports sorting and arbitrary ordering of relationships.
  12. Configurable duplication of all primary record types is now supported. Duplication can include labels, metadata content and relationships.
  13. Maintenance UI
    1. Web UI for rebuilding search indices
    2. Web UI for regenerating sort values
    3. Web UI for rebuilding hierarchical indices
  14. Hierarchies
    1. Hierarchy location bundle now supports "extracting" items from hierarchy into their own separate hierarchies.
    2. Now possible to move items between hierarchies (for items where multiple hierarchies are supported)
  15. Object representations are now first-class items with search and browse interfaces
    1. It is now possible to search on representations by original file name or MD5 hash of originally uploaded file.

Bug fixes in version 1.1

  1. Metadata element element_codes can now contain any unicode character [No JIRA]
  2. Installation profile XML schema now properly validates metadata element codes [No JIRA]
  3. Listings of item (object, entity, etc.) types in "New" menu now only displays preferred labels (issue reported in [Alternate names for object types])
  4. CK-editor text fields now set "unsaved changes" warnings in forms [No JIRA]
  5. Now allow time-based annotation start time code to be zero; previously required to be non-zero [No JIRA]

Improvements in version 1.1

  1. Installer
    1. Now supports <login> block in installation profiles; allows list of logins to be defined within the profile



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