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# Restrict access to specific collection(s)
# Restrict access to specific collection(s)

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[Released on June 9 2012]

New Features

  1. Long form documents, whether structured as self-contained PDFs, object records with many attached representations or hierarchies of objects, can now be visualized as "books" using an integrated browser-based book viewer
  2. Revised default profile design
  3. User comments may now include images
  4. New Contribute plugin enables creation of catalogue records by public users


  1. Hierarchy browser
    1. Modified UI based upon user feedback: (1) flipped UI clickable elements so item text drills down to children (2) arrow button executes browse with selected item (3) removed numeric indicator of number of children for each item.
  2. E-commerce module
  3. Restrict access to specific collection(s)

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