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(Important new features)
(Possible new features)
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# Media replication system
# Media replication system
## Fedora target
## Fedora target
# Alert configuration
## Configurable metadata-based alerts (eg send alert based on date in an arbitrary DateRange field)

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Important new features

  1. Object-level processes
    1. Formal deaccessioning procedure
    2. Formal location tracking procedure (plus alerts)
    3. Object components (lightweight sub-objects)
  2. Editors
    1. Configurable editor "inspector" panel
  3. Reporting/output
    1. Continued enhancements for display template formatting system
    2. Configurable PDF-format report output
    3. Improved label and barcode output
      1. Simplified configuration of label geometry (Eg. adding label stock)
      2. Simplified configuration of label output (Eg. support for display templates on labels)
      3. Additional barcode formats
      4. Verified compatibility with common barcode printers (Epson)
  4. Web services
    1. OCLC WordCat integration
  5. General
    1. Revamped user interface design
  6. Media replication system
    1. YouTube, Vimeo targets
    2. Configurable metadata replication
  7. Media handling
    1. Improved EXIF metadata extraction and import
    2. Improved EXIF metadata embedding
    3. Enhanced display of 3d models (PLY, STL) using Three.js
    4. Support for embedded QuickTime timecode
    5. Support for gallery-like view for assets uploaded with the AttributeType "Media"
  8. Data importer
    1. Ability to import media as part of data set
    2. Ability to batch import folders of documents
    3. Ability to create video and image annotations during import
    4. Improved status display during import
    5. Expanded import mapping debugging tools
  9. Access control
    1. Source-level access control
    2. Profile support for source-, type-, and metadata-based access control

Possible new features

  1. Reporting/output
    1. Configurable PDF-format form letter output
  2. Web services
    1. Getty AAT Linked Data service
  3. Media replication system
    1. Fedora target
  4. Alert configuration
    1. Configurable metadata-based alerts (eg send alert based on date in an arbitrary DateRange field)

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