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The media_display.conf file controls how media representations are displayed in both the media overlay and media editor. Display settings can be customized for images, video, video H264 original, quicktime Viewer, audio, pdf files, documents, postscript, and text.

Media Overlay and Media Editor

The media overlay is accessed by clicking through the representation from the Inspector in Providence. The media editor, on the other hand, is accessed by clicking through the thumbnail representation on the media editor itself. You can set the display options differently here, or configure them to be identical to the media overlay.

Option Description Example syntax
mimetypes Mimetypes are are codes that unambiguously identify a media format. By default, nearly all supported mimetypes are included, but the user is free to add more according to the capabilities of the server and which plugins are running. image/jpeg, image/tiff, image/png
display_version Controls which image or video display version is shown in the overlay or editor. tilepic, video/mp4
viewer_width Sets the width of the media in the overlay or editor. 100%
viewer_height Sets the height of the media in the overlay or editor. 100%
use_book_viewer_when_number_of_representations_exceeds When the number of media representations exceeds the number set here, the book viewer will be used to display the images. 2
use_book_viewer Enables the bookviewer. For documents, enabling this in addition the pdfjs viewer will allow non-pdf documents to be shown in the Bookviewer while PDFs will continue to be shown in the pdfjs viewer. 1 (yes) or 0 (no)
show_hierarchy_in_book_viewer If the record has sub-records with media, media representations of child records will be shown if the hierarchy is enabled. 1 (yes) or 0 (no)
restrict_book_viewer_to_types You can restrict the use of the book viewer to particular object types by entering the type code for each between the brackets, separating types by comma [object_type_code, object_type_code]
download_version This sets which version of the media can be downloaded from the media editor. original, large
poster_frame_version Specifies which version to use for the video player as a still image prior to starting playback. mediumlarge
alt_display_version Specifies the version of still image to be used when video cannot be displayed. For example, what would be displayed for a Flash video of the user did not have Flash. large
use_pdfjs_viewer Enables the recommended viewer for pdf files. 1 (yes) or 0 (no)



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