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The Media Representation Bundle displays and manages all of the media-related information that is linked to your record. The Media Representation Bundle appears in any record that supports Media, allowing you to upload files to the system. The bundle also contains a link to the Media Representation Editor, which documents additional information about your media. This bundle is repeatable for as many representations as are necessary for your record. See below for a full explanation of all of the Media Representation Bundle's features and functions.

Media rep update.png
This is a small version of your uploaded media. Click the thumbnail to view the full size version in the Media Viewer. Icons to the right of the thumbnail allow you to delete your media or download it to your local machine.
Make Primary? 
Make primary.png If you have multiple images, you can specify the primary image that will appear as the thumbnail for your record
Edit Full Record
Edit full.png Clicking this icon will open a record-within-a-record that is specifically for the media representation. This can include a preferred label for the image, access and status settings, a caption, annotations (for certain types of media), and even relationships specific to the media representation (rather than the object it represents). The access and status settings that you define in the full record will be displayed below the image thumbnail, as seen above. Access determines if your media is viewable on your public website (if you have Pawtucket installed), or to other access levels (if you have multiple access levels defined for your archive). Status allows you to mark the record for administrative purposes. These statuses are configurable for each system, but common values include "New," "Needs Review" or "Complete." You can then search on these status values to identify records that still need work.
Media Metadata 
CollectiveAccess will extract embedded metadata when you upload media to your record. Click this link to expand the bundle to view this information.

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