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[Valid for v1.3]

Quantities entered into a measurement attribute must include both a numeric quantity and a trailing unit specifier. For example, when entering a length, it is not enough to simply enter "10"; you must also specify whether the quantity is in inches, feet, meters or some other unit of measurement. The unit specification always comes after the quantity. For example: 10.5 meters; 4"; 55km; 10lbs; 25.5kg; 25 1/3 in; 5 ¾ feet; 1½ cm

Note that you can use decimal as well as two forms of fractional notation: simple text "division" (ex. 3/4) or Unicode fraction glyphs (ex. ¾)

Units of length

The following unit specifiers are support by the Length attribute type:

Specifier Unit
ft Feet [English]
ft. Feet [English]
foot Feet [English]
feet Feet [English]
" Inches [English]
in Inches [English]
in. Inches [English]
inch Inches [English]
inches Inches [English]
mile Miles [English]
miles Miles [English]
point Points [typographic]
pt Points [typographic]
pt. Points [typographic]
m Meters
m. Meters
meter Meters
meters Meters
metre Meters
metres Meters
mt Meters
cm Centimeters
cm. Centimeters
centimeter Centimeters
centimeters Centimeters
centimetre Centimeters
centimetres Centimeters
mm Millimeters
mm. Millimeters
millimeter Millimeters
millimeters Millimeters
millimetre Millimeters
millimetres Millimeters
km Kilometers
k Kilometers
kilometer Kilometers
kilometers Kilometers
kilometre Kilometers
kilometres Kilometers

Units of weight

The following unit specifiers are support by the Weight attribute type:

Specifier Unit
lb Pounds [English]
lb. Pounds [English]
lbs Pounds [English]
lbs. Pounds [English]
pound Pounds [English]
pounds Pounds [English]
oz Ounces [English]
oz. Ounces [English]
ounce Ounces [English]
ounces Ounces [English]
stone Stone [English]
kg Kilograms
kg. Kilograms
kilo Kilograms
kilos Kilograms
kilogram Kilograms
kilograms Kilograms
g Grams
g. Grams
gr Grams
gr. Grams
gram Grams
grams Grams
mg Milligrams
mg. Milligrams
milligram Milligrams
milligrams Milligrams
ton Tons (English)
tons Tons (English)
t Tons (English)
t. Tons (English)



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