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ID numbers are the numeric and/or textual strings used to refer to data items in your CollectiveAccess system. Museum collection ID numbers usually correspond to accession numbers and archival systems IDs are often synonymous with catalogue numbers. Although these numbers are frequently unique and consistent with a format standard, such requirements are not forced in the software: users can set their own preferences in the configuration file multipart_id_numbering.conf in the app/conf directory.

There are nine parameters supported by the numbering plugin that can be used alone or in combination to create ID numbers:

FREE Any input is allowed 34G7H; 99F32
SERIAL Only letters and numbers are accepted. Can automatically generate numbers in sequence. 101; 102 ; 103 (SERIAL)

34G7H.101; 99F32.102 (FREE.SERIAL)

CONSTANT Is always set to a constant alphanumeric value and cannot be changed. MOMA.101; MOMA.102


LIST Value must be taken from a predefined list MOMA.PER.101; MOMA.ORG.102 (CONSTANT.LIST.SERIAL)
YEAR Only valid four digit years are allowed, and if empty will default to the current year. ORG.2012.101


MONTH Only valid month numbers (between 1 and 12) are allowed, and if empty will default to the current month. 2012.05.101


DAY Only valid day numbers (between 1 and 31) are allowed, and if empty will default to the current day. 2012.05.23.34G7H


NUMERIC Only numbers are allowed. 2012.12345


ALPHANUMERIC Only letters are allowed. 2012. ABC


For a complete set of instructions on coding parameters, visit the multipart_id_numbering.conf file page.



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