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<languages/> CollectiveAccess supports batch imports of data through the user interface. Like the Batch Media Importer, this is a tool to be used with caution so as to avoid scattering faulty data throughout your system. In order to use the Data Importer, you should first have a basic understanding of Data Mapping; you must have a template in place to guide your import and tell the data where to go. For a simpler look at the entire Data Import process, visit Data Import: Creating and Running a Mapping. The import template determines which column in your data source maps to which metadata element in your CollectiveAccess system. Uploading this mapping, or "importer," is the first step towards pulling a large set of data in to your new database.

To begin, navigate to Import --> Data in the global navigation bar.

Global nav data.png

To upload your importer (mapping), click "+ add importers." You will then see a dotted outline around the words "Drag importer worksheets here to add or update."

Add importers.png

Simply drag the excel worksheet containing your data map from your computer into the center of this box, and wait for the upload process to complete. Once uploaded, the importer (or importers) will appear in a list on your screen. To import data, you can either click on the green arrow to the right of the Importer's name, or you can click "Run Import" on the left-hand navigation.

Run import.png

On the "Run Import" screen, you must choose the appropriate (previously uploaded) importer, and the format (Excel, FMPro DSOResult, Inmagic XML, MARC, or MySQL) of your data source. Then you can attach the file containing your data.

Run import screen.png

Once everything is set, click "Execute data import" to finish the process.


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