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[Valid for v1.3]

Icons-flag-fr.png Dashboard_FR

CollectiveAccess 1.3 includes a customizable dashboard. This is the initial screen that loads when you log in to Providence. You can return to the dashboard at any time by clicking the CollectiveAccess logo in the upper left-hand corner of your screen.

The main function of the Dashboard is to display the widgets for your system. Widgets provide specialized functions and function as mini-applications within Providence. You can include as many or as little of them as you wish and arrange them at will on the dashboard. To edit the dashboard, click "Add Widget" in the upper right-hand corner of the screen. This opens the Widget Panel, which lists all of the available widgets in your system. Select your desired widget and drag & drop it to your preferred location on the screen. Click "done" when you are finished editing.

Consult the section below for a list of currently available widgets. You can also write your own widgets

Available Widgets

  • Advanced Search Form - Displays one of Advanced Search forms you have configured for your system. Click the settings icon to choose the form you wish to display.
  • Clock - Displays the current time.
  • Counts - Shows the current count for each type of record if your system. Settings allow you to choose which records types to display.
  • Recent Logins - Shows the login activity of your users. Edit the settings to change the time frame for which you would like to see login activity.
  • Links - Displays shorcuts to external project and reference websites.
  • lol Katz - Displays a random lolcat image.
  • Message of the Day - Displays your desired text.
  • Random Object - Displays a random object from your system.
  • Recent Changes - Acts like a mini-log, displaying recent changes to your system including the name of the user, the date and time of the change, what record was affected and how.
  • Comments - Displays recent comments posted to your front-end, if you have User Functions installed. Change the settings to view only moderated comments, unmoderated comments or both.
  • Tags - Lists recently created Tags
  • Recently Created - Lists recently created records in your system. Settings allow you to choose what type of recently created record to display and how many.
  • Records by Status - Lists records that have been assigned a chosen status. Change the settings to choose which status to display, the type of record and how many you wish to see.
  • Saved Searches - Displays shortcut links that allow you to quickly to quickly run saved searches.
  • Search by Set - Displays the objects in a chosen Set.
  • Processing Status - Displays the status of any media processing.
  • Watched Items - Lists the items currently being watched and the recent changes made to each record.



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