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(Download Media)
(Download Media)
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'''Download Media from Individual Record'''
'''Download Media from Individual Record'''
=== Print Display - Single Record ===
=== Print Display - Single Record ===

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[Valid for v1.3]

Downloading Search Results

If you wish to create a report exhibiting multiple records, you can download and print search results and sets, in any display configuration, as tab delimited, or comma delimited files, printable PDFs, or directly to an Excel spreadsheet. To do so, you must first conduct a search (making sure that your results are set to appear in list format.) You can use the Basic Search, Advanced Search, or Browse functions to retrieve the results that will populate your report. If you would like to create a report of Set items, select a Set name under "Search by Set" in the left-side menu of the Search screen and click Search. This will populate your search results with the items from the chosen Set. Once the results of your search have returned, You can choose how to create your report by clicking on “tools” at the top of your results list (other choices on this toolbar include visualization, sets, filter search, and display options. You will then be presented with several choices. You can choose to print your results as labels, or download them as tab delimited, comma delimited, spreadsheet (.xlsx) or PDF.

Download Results As Description Notes
Tab delimited Downloads tab delimited search results in the selected display configuration to a .txt file.
Comma delimited (CSV) Downloads results in the selected display configuration in comma delimited format to a .csv file This can be imported to Excel and be viewed as a spreadsheet.
Spreadsheet with media icons (XLSX) Downloads the results in the selected display configuration directly to an Excel spreadsheet. Media can be downloaded as well as data, but you must add media representations in the desired size to the display itself.
PDF (Chart) Downloads the search results as a chart in a PDF format, according to the configuration of the selected display. A PDF document can only fit up to six elements from a display on to a single page. Any elements in excess of six will be truncated and printed at the bottom of the document, after the first six elements of entire results have been printed. Media can also be included in the chart. To include media, you must add media representations in the desired size into the display itself.
PDF (Thumbnails) Downloads the thumbnail of the primary media representation, the title, and idno of each record in the search results as a PDF document. The display configuration is irrelevant in this mode.

Download Media

As you can see from the above image, you have an additional option for extracting assets from your search results. The Download Media dropdown allows you to pull media in large or small sizes from all or selected results. You can also download media from the media tab itself by going to an object record, selecting “Media’ from the sub navigation, and clicking on the download icon, seen in the figure below.

Download Media from Individual Record

Display media.png

Print Display - Single Record

If you wish to create a report of a single record, you can print a display from the Summary screen. Simply choose a preconfigured display from the drop-down list on the Summary screen of any record. In order to print, select the white page icon to the right of the drop-down. A new window will open, containing a printer-friendly PDF of the summary.

Display Print Screen

Display print screen.png


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