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Settings Description Default Values
fieldWidth Width, in characters, of the field when displayed in a user interface. 60 Integers greater then zero
doesNotTakeLocale Defines whether measurement takes locale specification. 1 (does not take locale specifications) 0 or 1
restrictToOccurrenceTypeIdno Insert idno of a occurrence type here to restrict the lookup mechanism to that type. idno
canBeUsedInSort Use this option if this attribute value can be used for sorting of search results. 0 (not used in sort) 0 or 1
canBeUsedInSearchForm Use this option if the attribute value can be used in search forms. 1 (used in search forms) 0 or 1
canBeUsedInDisplay Use this option if the attribute value can be used for display in search results. 1 (used for display) 0 or 1
displayTemplate Layout for value when used in a display. Element code tags prefixed with the ^ character, used to represent the value in the template. For example: <i>^my_element_code</i>. HTML
displayDelimiter Delimiter to use between multiple values. , (comma) Text

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