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Represents a value chosen from a drop-down list populated with values from a specified list as defined in the ca_lists table. ExampleList.png

This attribute also supports several render settings such as 'radio_buttons':

ExampleList RadioButtons.png


ExampleList CheckBoxes.png


ExampleList TypeAhead.png

and other specifications.

Hierarchical lists may be rendered vertically or horizontally, as show below:

ExampleList Horiz hierbrowser.png

Settings Description Default Values
listWidth Width, in characters or pixels, of the list when displayed in a user interface. When list is rendered as a hierarchy browser width must be in pixels. 40 Characters or pixels
listHeight Height, in pixels, of the list when displayed in a user interface as a hierarchy browser. 200px Pixels
maxColumns Maximum number of columns to use when laying out radio buttons or checklist. 3 Integers greater than zero
render Determines how the list is displayed visually. Drop-down list ('select') Drop-down menu (code="select"); Yes/no checkbox (code="yes_no_checkboxes"); Radio buttons (code="radio_buttons"); Checklist (code="checklist"); Type-ahead lookup (code="lookup"); Horizontal hierarchy browser (code="horiz_hierbrowser"); Horizontal hierarchy browser with search (code="horiz_hierbrowser_with_search"); Vertical hierarchy browser (code="vert_hierbrowser")
doesNotTakeLocale Defines whether element takes locale specification 1 (does not take locale specifications) 0 or 1
requireValue Defines whether a list item must be explicitly set. If set to 1 then a valid list item must be selected, and in the absence of a selected value the default value is used. If set to zero then a "null" value (labeled "none" in the English locale) is added to the list and made default 1 (require value) 0 or 1
canBeUsedInSort Use this option if this attribute value can be used for sorting of search results. 1 (used in sort) 0 or 1
canBeUsedInSearchForm Use this option if the attribute value can be used in search forms 1 (used in search forms) 0 or 1
canBeUsedInDisplay Use this option if the attribute value can be used for display in search results 1 (used for display) 0 or 1
displayTemplate Layout for value when used in a display. Element code tags prefixed with the ^ character, used to represent the value in the template. For example: <i>^my_element_code</i>. HTML
displayDelimiter Delimiter to use between multiple values , (comma) Text

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