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Unlike all other attribute types, containers do not represent data values. Rather their sole function is to organize attributes into groups for display. In a multi-attribute value set (for example an address with separate attributes for street number, city, state, country and postal code), there will be at least one container serving as the "root" (or top) of the attribute hierarchy. Other containers may serve to further group items in the multi-attribute set into sub-groups displayed on separate lines of a form.


Settings Description Default Values
doesNotTakeLocale Defines whether element take locale specification. 0 (takes locale) 0 or 1
lineBreakAfterNumberOfElements Number of metadata elements after which a line break should be inserted. 0 (no line breaks) Integers zero or greater
canBeUsedInSearchForm Use this option if the attribute value can be used in search forms. 1 (used in search forms) 0 or 1
canBeUsedInDisplay Use this option if the attribute value can be used for display in search results. 1 (used for display) 0 or 1
displayTemplate Layout for value when used in a display. Element code tags prefixed with the ^ character, used to represent the value in the template. For example: <i>^my_element_code</i>. HTML
displayDelimiter Delimiter to use between multiple values. , (comma) Text



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