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The attribute_types.conf configuration file

The names of all available types of attributes are listed in the attribute_types.conf configuration file. Each attribute type represents a distinct type of data (text, date ranges, urls, geocoding/map coordinates, length measurements, currency values, etc.) and is implemented as a class implementing the IAttributeValue interface (defined in app/lib/ca/Attributes/Values/IAttributeValue.php). When defining attributes for use in your installation, either via the web-based configuration UI or an installation profile, you can use any of the types listed here.

Currently implemented attribute types are described on the Attribute_Types page.


There is only a single directive in this configuration file, a "types" list, the contents of which is a list of type names. Each type name has a corresponding class in app/lib/ca/Attributes/Values/. The classes will have class names in the format <type name> + "AttributeValue" (ex. TextAttributeValue). The names of the files containing the classes will have the same name as the class + a .php extension (ex. TextAttributeValue.php).

The position of the attribute type name in the list determines the type's integer "datatype" code. List positioning numbering starts at zero, so the first type name in the list has a code of 0, the second type name has a code of 1, etc.


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