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CollectiveAccess documentation wiki

CollectiveAccess is open-source collections management and presentation software designed for museums, archives, and special collections also increasingly used by libraries, corporations and non-profits. It is designed to handle large, heterogeneous collections that have complex cataloguing requirements and require support for a variety of metadata standards and media formats. CollectiveAccess is a collaboration between Whirl-i-Gig and partner institutions in North America and Europe with projects in 5 continents. The software is freely available under the open source GNU Public License, meaning it’s not only free to download and use but that users are encouraged to share and distribute code.

If you're a first time visitor we suggest beginning here with the Getting Started Guide.

Categories of documentation:

  1. Setup and Configuration
  2. Documentation for end-users
  3. Developer Documentation
  4. Frequently Asked Questions
  5. User-Contributed Documentation
  6. About the CollectiveAccess Project
  7. CollectiveAccess Cookbook
  8. Data Import

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